Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The second post of the day . Yeah . The Wanted vs One Direction . If you ask me , I would answer The Wanted of course cause I love them more than One Direction . That 1D famous , just because that Zayn Malik . Gotta admit that I love him too at first . But , now I don't like him and I don't hate him okay . Directioners , mark my word okay . Lol . Listen to these . And make your own decision . Your decision , you decide . Sounds like making a big decision lah pulak . Okay . Happy watching !



Educate yourself before trying to educate people .

                        Assalamualaikum to Muslim readers ( entah ada entah takreaders ) . Okay , whatever . Blogging about a girl that I followed on Twitter . She's a TwitFamous lah jugak . At first , I thought she's a 70% perfect-to-be . But , when dah lama sikit follow dia , I think she's not that perfect . So that percentage pun turun lah to 40% . Agak mendadak kan ? Mesti you guys wonder why that percentage decreases sampai macam tu .

So here it is . My Form 2 sister , found her old picture I think . She's not wearing hijab and what make me shocked that she was wearing a sleveless Tshirt . Yes , sleveless . My sister trying to DM her and asked her to delete that picture of her . She replied , " No . I can't open that picture . Sumpah takde . " . And she was liked nak marah my sister . My sister was helping her so that she takberdosa . But , she mad . Since she's that famous , she unfollowed my sister then . 

                       But , I can't deny that her tweets are really really awesome , inspiring and yeah , lead us to the right path . She's good in it . But , she's not good in ' that ' . I shouldn't write about her but , she just came in my mind when I've got no idea to write . Dear girl , hope you'll change in future . You're already good . Just be better . Behave please 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Old blog with new mission

Hello people ! Yeah . This old blog that I'd never update things . That was before okay . From now on , I'll update this not-so-awesome blog from this perasan toddler oftenly lah . Though not lah sampai everyday . Never think that I'm lazy to do so . Well , you know me . I can't update cause I'm such a busy person . For your information , busier than that Najib . Okay . Will update when I'm free . Attention people all over the world , this blog will be ' alive ' from now on .